5 Tips On Being A Successful Leader


Are you vying for an executive leadership role in the organization you work for? Or perhaps you have held a leadership role for a while, and are looking to fine tune your skills? Or maybe becoming an executive leader is part of your five-year plan? No matter where you fall, great leadership is essential to the health of any company or organization, no matter the size. Allow us to talk about what traits are essential to possess as a leader, and five tips to ensure your success.



What Does Great Leadership Look Like?

A successful leader is an influencer who can inspire, motivate and get the best out of their people. A leader’s primary responsibility is to lead, and the foundation for great leadership is trust. A leader doesn’t assume a leadership role simply because someone hands them a title; instead, a true leader is born when trust has been established on both sides, and the team looks to the leader to lead them.                                                                                                      

How Can I Ensure Success In My Leadership?

Being a great leader isn’t easy. If it were, more people would step up to the plate. In order to be an effective, well-respected leader look to these five tips.

#1: Lead By Example

Leading by example: walking the walk, and talking the talk, is important. In other words, you set the tone for your team. If punctuality is a priority, make sure you arrive on time (or a few minutes early). If the dress code is business professional, then dress for success. Your team will follow your lead.

#2: Communicate Effectively

Great communication is critical. A successful leader knows how to provide direction and make sure they are heard; while at the same time understands the importance of listening. Also, don’t underestimate how your actions and words give shape to the future (for your company and team), and to promote a can-do attitude.

#3: Show Your Employees Humility

As a leader you are in charge yes, but a leader is also good at crediting others for their success. Being modest is a valuable trait, and one that your team will greatly appreciate.

#4: Identify A Mentor

No one knows everything, which is why we recommend seeking out a mentor. A good mentor will provide you with feedback and advice, particularly in tough situations. It’s important to find a mentor who is ahead of you professionally, and can be objective in their counsel.

#5: Never Stop Learning



A great leader recognizes the importance of ongoing education or taking advantage of learning opportunities in order to improve themselves. Also, have you ever considered working with an executive/leadership coach? A leadership coach can help you take your professional skills, capabilities and performance to the next level. Interested in learning more? We can help.

Looking for some additional, helpful resources? Consider these 10 Tips For Everyday Leaders, offered by author, James Kerr. Or perhaps you still have a leadership question? Contact us today, and let’s chat!

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