Redefining Jobs And Roles

Most jobs/roles will be redefined to some degree over the next two years

We asked respondents about the percentage of jobs or roles that will be redefined over the next two years. For the purpose of this research, we specified that “redefined” refers to significant changes in where, how and/or on what employees work.

Ninety-two percent of respondents say that at least some of the jobs or roles in their organizations will be “substantially redefined” over the next two years.

About a quarter expect that 40% or more of the jobs/roles in their organization will go through a transformation. Such redefinitions may represent a large challenge not just for HR but also for management in general. It means modifying the ways jobs are structured, positions are filled, employees are managed, people are trained, performance is measured, etc.

The takeaway is that HR needs to be ready to support job redesign, and it must be able to help managers and planners cope with these changes as well.


Jobs and roles are not only becoming more remote-based and flextime based but also more project-based and team-based

We wanted to dive deeper into how these roles will be redefined so we asked HR professionals who anticipate role redefinitions about the ways in which redefinitions will occur. Flexibility appears to be key. Fifty-six percent of respondents expect more employees will work remotely over the next two years, and another 55% say there will be more schedule flexibility. Other changes chosen by more than 20% of respondents include:

  • More project-based work
  • More team-based work
  • More mobile workers

Source: HR
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