Today’s HR Professionals Tend To Be Highly Educated

The vast majority of HR professionals (88%) have a bachelor’s degree or higher

Most HR professionals (88%) have at least a bachelor’s degree. Fortynine percent have a bachelor’s degree and another 36% have a master’s degree, whereas only 7% say their highest level of education is an associate’s degree and only 5% a high-school diploma.

Clearly, HR professionals are well-educated. Those looking to make HR their primary profession should realize that a bachelor’s degree tends to be the bare minimum whereas advanced degrees are common and may be preferable.


HR Management Tracks

We also asked, “Did your degree have a Human Resource Management emphasis, track or concentration?” Among participants, nearly half (45%) said their degrees did indeed have such a concentration. This concentration could have occurred at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels. The bottom line, however, is that many HR professionals were, to some degree, specifically trained in HR management during their postsecondary educations.

Source: HR
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