Top 5 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch During Tet Holiday

Motivation, Inspiration & Hardwork are the three keys that can unlock your journey to start your successful business. But, having an idea and physically implementing are two completely different things. Before getting on the field, we can’t imagine what setbacks, problems, and harsh truths we can face on our journey.

So here we have made you a list of the Top 5 TV Shows for Entrepreneurs, which will not only motivate or inspire you, but also give you a glance of what you can face in your journey, and how you can tackle it. Here we go:

  1. Shark Tank (11 seasons)

Shark tank is one of the best TV reality shows which is a must-watch if you are a student and is willing to become an entrepreneur. The concept of the show is very simple — the investment seeking entrepreneurs present their product to investors (aka Sharks) who then choose whether to invest in their company as a business partner.

The show also focuses on showing the whole journey of the entrepreneur from where did they start; how they got the idea; what kind of hardship did they face even there is a special clip called ” Shark tank update ”.

  1. Silicon Valey (6 seasons with 53 episodes)

Silicon Valley is a series that follows the struggle of a group of software engineers who develops a software and try to build a company named Pied Piper in the Silicon valley.

The show is hilarious yet smart at the same time and if you are a great fan of tech and aim to become to start a tech company there is nothing more perfect than this show for you.

The show shows the struggle of programmers; how frustrating coding can be. The show has some of the best snappy dialogues and the tech gigs would just love to hear them.

  1. TVF Pitchers (Only 5 episodes)

This Indian series is just one of its kind. It’s about a group of friends who wants to start a business because they are tired of their 9-5 jobs. The show highlights the struggle they face in a very smart and humorous manner.

The show has shown the struggle of an IT engineer; an HR and a common MBA student and the show totally lit up after the end of every episode.

  1. Better Call Saul  (5 seasons with 10 episodes each season)

The series is the prequel of the best series in the history of the Ott platform (i.e: Breaking Bad).

The series is about the evolution of the lawyer Saul Goodman. He is shown as a small-time lawyer who goes on and gets involved with gangsters like Tuco Salamanca; then a fraud police inspector which eventually leads his path to become the lawyer of Walter White. The series is beautifully connected.

  1. Suits (9 seasons)

This is a series based on lawyer and a lawyer firm situated in Manhattan; New York

The story gets started from Mike a college dropout student who indulges in selling drugs and eventually sits for a interview for a lawyer firm so that he is not caught with drugs and there he meets Harvey Specter who then selects him for the firm eventhogh Mike doesnt have a lawyers degree.


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