Brand Manager


Job description

  • Organize, manage and direct all activities of the Brand Department.
  • Plan and implement brand plans quarterly/ annually for the company.
  • Establish a budget plan for branding activities as well as control spending for branding purposes based on the approved budget.
  • Plan for the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Be responsible for the evaluation and control of all images and content related to the company's brand.
  • Develop and implement content ideas for brand communication channels.
  • Coordinate with Media Department to deal with communication crises (if any).
  • Provide research content, advice and develop communication strategies.
  • Coordinate with other departments to organize internal events.
  • Other duties assigned by the Marketing Manager.

Job Requirement

  • Have a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Journalism, Communications, Marketing or related fields.
  • At least 02 years in the same position.
  • Understand the other aspects of Business filed.
  • Have experience in building brand promotion strategies.
  • Update modern marketing trends timely.

Required Job Skills

brand budget evaluation communication research journalism