HR Manager (HCM)


Job description

Role Overview: Be responsible for building, managing, and monitoring all activities related to HR functions.

1. Recruitment

  • Build human resource plans based on the Operation business and business plan
  • Manage recruitment plan to make sure filling vacancies as assigned; ensuring the quality of candidates’ selection to meet the company’s requirements;
  • Monitor building long-term relationships with past and potential candidates;  
  • Make plan for improving talent acquisition activities.

2. Training:

  • Cooperate with head of departments to implement and coach training courses.
  • Follow, evaluate trainees and propose effective and practical training methods.

3. HR management:

  • Responsible to build up, propose working process, forms related to recruitment, training, employee data management, candidate evaluation, reports, ….
  • Responsible to share employee company regulation, salary and incentive policies, job description, HR procedures accordingly: training, probation, labor contract, HR policies, promotion, demotion, termination or dismissal…as current labor law and Company regulation.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor's degree in Human Resource Management, BA, Economy, English, or related Major.
  • At least 03 years – of experience in similar positions.
  • Good understanding of Vietnamese Labor Code, Insurance, and PIT law.
  • Prioritize candidates who have experience working in the field of Manufacturing and large scale (from 1000 people).
  • English ability: Fluent (speaking, reading, and writing).
  • Advanced skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook), Power Point.

Required Job Skills

HR Managerment Team-leadership