HR Manager (Quang Ngai)


Job description

Administration task

  • Renewing, updating company legal document on time- if any
  • Advising and composing all admin current policies and develop the new one to ensure that the company run smoothly
  • Daily manage admin staff and administration task to run smoothly within the company policy
  • Monthly control company car policy, car repairing and others related job
  • Supporting and revising to implement group policies to others plants with Company group
  • Annual making company admin budget in each plant


  • Coordinate with line managers to make headcount budget within the company approval
  • Base on head count budget, making recruitment plan to meeting the company demand
  • Revise and improve recruitment policy to get talent for ensuring that the right employees and the right job and be accordance with company culture.


  • Revising, adding and developing training programs
  • Ensure that the training program is in line with company strategy
  • Joining in internal training to overlook training programs, do they to revised and develop or not.

Employee relation management

  • Transparency in communication to all employees within the company side
  • Encourage individual employee and group activities to share difficulty and what the company demand from employees
  • Coordinate with line managers to solve employee relation issue
  • To ensure that the company disciplinary in good way
  • Joining to OMC meeting to solve employee relation issue


  • Continue improve C&B policy to comply with employee and company demand
  • Monthly analyzing labor cost and cost per ton of finish product
  • Monthly analyzing OT, OT cost per ton of finish product
  • Advise line managers how to reduce working overtime to comply with Vietnamese labor code
  • Surveying in local companies that C&B policy within the company side competitive or not
  • Monthly checking salary sheet to ensure that all payments are correct
  • Support other plant to implement company C&B policy in the right ways
  • Analyzing and proposing to BOD to minimize labor cost and working OT hou

Job Requirement

  • More than 6 years as the same level
  • Expertise in C&B is a plus
  • Strong leadership and management skills
  • Excellent communication in both Vietnamese and English.

Required Job Skills

hr policies budget talent employee training management surveying payments