IT Developer Specialist


Job description

  • Program business functions and software applications to serve the work of related departments in the Corporation.
  • Programming and maintaining/operating all software systems ERP, DMS, TMS, HRM.. web applications, mobile applications...
  • Responsible for the accuracy of features, business layout diagrams on software systems ERP, DMS, TMS, HRM... applications, websites, mobile applications
  • Support users and fix application errors in accordance with the Corporation's process

1. Plan, allocate time to perform daily work effectively and backup for unexpected situations


  • Program, deploy and maintain/operate applications based on design analysis from the Head of Department/Business Analyst
  • Support users and fix application errors related to the software's code follow the Group's support procedure
  • Receive development requests, program functions and install new features, improved parts for software and applications currently in use in the Group.
  • Work with partners, suppliers, application developers to test, evaluate, receive, handover and edit applications follow the Company's requirements
  • Test functions and propose improvements or upgrades to software systems and applications to improve data processing speed, productivity and convenience for users
  • Develop documents related to programming principles, structure of software systems, applications and necessary requirements when installing software and applications
  • Coordinate with the head of the department and related departments to develop an incident recovery plan when the system fails


  • Perform work according to internal regulations/processes of the Corporation with best efforts, highest commitment and on time
  • Support work instructions professional for members of the system team
  • Timely support for system/service requests


  • Implement the set out plans to accomplish the individual goals and the overall goals of the department.
  • Exchange, coordinate and update information regularly with the Head of Department to discuss the progress of the implementation of the goals and work in order to complete the set goals.
  • Determine how to collect information, prepare reports and report on time


  • Perform other duties as requested by superiors
  • Implement arising projects related to IT application systems to serve the development needs of the Corporation

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate in IT or related majors
  • Certificates in software programming: AWS, CEH, ScrumMaster, PMP... is an advantage


  • Knowledge in using report programming tools: Report Builder, Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL, etc. - Good knowledge of SQL Database design, procedures, queries, SQL Reporting Service (SSRS), etc. on a Microsoft SQL Server environment.

  • Knowledge of HTML/HTML5/CSS, MVC3, Webservices, Javascript (JQuery, JSON)...

  • Understand business flow, data flowchart and architecture in programming

  • Knowledge of SAP system and ABAP language is preferred, understanding business processes (purchase/ sales/ accounting) is an advantage


  • At least 5 years experience of programming, fluent in programming skills for C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C++, ASP or languages ​​on Microsoft, Android and IOS

  • Understand application models with many different types of programming languages

  • Experience in programming for many types of applications on different devices

  • Priority is given to industries related to agriculture, consumer goods, retail chains, supermarkets

Required Job Skills

Programing SQL Developer Dev IT Data Full-stack ERP SAP HTML CSS

Other Information

  • Democratic, modern, professional working environment with opportunities for advancement and long-term stability
  • Be entitled to paid social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance according to state regulations.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive health care regime.
  • Enjoy other benefits according to the Company's policy