Japanese Kindergarten Teacher (Japanese Nationality)

Findtalent JSC

Job description

  1. Make plans for caring, teaching and organizing daily activities in line with the school curriculum
  2. Engage with young children in activities that are age-appropriate whilst bearing educational merit
  3. Communicate with parents regarding students’ development and progress; daily activities
  4. Assess students’ performance and progress and make periodically report
  5. Join in building festivals and events at kindergarten
  6. Foster a positive and healthy learning environment
  7. Ensure the classroom is kept in a clean and safe condition at all times
  8. Interact with other teachers and administrative staff as needed

Job Requirement

  1. Certification from a national organization (Hoikushi preferred or relevant license)
  2. Prior experience working at kindergartens
  3. Strong knowledge of preschool educational techniques and methods
  4. Patient and supportive approach to the learning process;
  5. Enthusiastic and encouraging, honest;
  6. Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  7. Basic English, native Japanese; Japanese Nationality