Project Sales Staff


Job description

  • Be responsible for project busines and find new potential customers;

  • Coordinate and maintain relationships both suppliers and customers;

  • Research and develope products/solutions;

  • Provide solutions for customers with a view to optimizing the interests of customers and stakeholders;

  • Collaborate with members in the bidding document implementation department;

  • Communicate related information about contract and project to the implementation department;

  • Collect, analyze and process customers feedback and market information.

Job Requirement

  • Degree of Associate or Bachelor Degree of  Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications or Economics, Business Administration or equivalent qualifications;

  • Priority to the one who communicates well in English;

  • Ability to work independently, withstand high pressure of work;

  • Willing to go on a business when require.

Required Job Skills

sales research implementation associate electronics telecommunications economics