Quality Control Manager


Job description

1. Main Purpose of Position

To co‐ordinate all activities required to direct and control manufacturing quality. In particular to review product quality requirements for individual clients and projects, to ensure those requirements are understood and implemented to manage the quality of manufactured items to meet the requirements of the contract specifications.

2.   Specific Areas of Responsibility

  • Review quality control processes, procedures and capabilities in order to sustain the most cost effective and efficient methods for meeting quality requirements and making recommendation for improvement as appropriate.
  • Review client QC requirements and ensure that quality control documentation for a project meets contractual requirements.
  • Review and approve Contractor and sub‐contractor quality control documentation to ensure their planned activities meet contractual requirements.
  • Co‐ordinate and control the day to day operations of inspection personnel, so as to provide a safe, secure and efficient working environment.
  • Control and direct all QC resources, operations and facilities in order to adhere to project programs.
  • Manage and direct a team of skilled, semi‐skilled and technically based individuals through sound personnel practices.
  • Contribute to Business Development and success of current projects by the internal referral and communication of appropriate information and intelligence, together with any project specific information.
  • Provide comprehensive communication to underpin effective working relationships.
  • Liaise with the Head of Manufacturing to ensure that project contractual and quality requirements within the schedule are supported and maintained through all stages of manufacture as to ensure project completion within the specified schedule.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Business or a Science-related field;
  • Experience in manufacturing or production; familiarity with sheet metal working and mechanical industry is also be necessary;
  • Experience of working in a Mechanical Engineering environment supplying to the Nuclear Industry;
  • Strong knowledge about IRCA Lead Quality Auditor, the review and acceptance of material
    certification to ensure compliance with BS EN 10204 type 3.1 and specific contract requirements;
  • Be an associate membership of an appropriate professional institute e.g. CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) is prefer;
  • Good command in English both writing and speaking.

Required Job Skills

most documentation operations inspection sound intelligence schedule engineering auditor associate writing