R&D Manager


Job description

  • Researching and developing packaging for All SKUs product;
  • Building the system for R&D: all procedure, process, document code;
  • Looking for new ideas according to orientation and strategies of the company;
  • Organizing, receiving, collecting and processing the data of products as well as the price from inside and outside the company;
  • Getting access to the information of new products and new technology to have resolutions for product’s innovation;
  • Considering and correcting the design and the way of conducting chemical experiments in production process;
  • Being in charge of conducting trial production process: monitoring, urging and supervising;
  • Cooperating with other departments for effective  research and product deployment
  • Drafting, considering, and updating quality standards, product quotas, production process and standard forms of products;
  • Making sure that all of information of new products, improved products, technological techniques and other information of the company is confidential.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor's Degree of Food technology;
  • Having 5 -10 years of experience in Food processing field;
  • Good English communication skills;
  • Need to have the capability to work in a team environment;
  • Having experience in working in manufacturing.

Required Job Skills

planning production forms english communication teamwork