Senior Software Developer - VB6 Specialist


Job description

● Investigate, reproduce and resolve bugs. Navigation through all software layers (UI, application/business, and data tiers) is required;
● Follow established software development lifecycle processes precisely and consistently;
● Provide timely communication to the entire team to prevent foreseeable obstacles;
● Manage and report your time accurately;
● Balance priorities to ensure efficient effort allocation.

Job Requirement

● A Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent training/experience) in Software/Computer/Database Engineering;
● At least three years of experience with relational databases;
● At least one year of experience writing stored procedures for relational databases;
● Excellent verbal and written English
● At least three years of experience using issue tracking/project management software on a daily basis (e.g. JIRA, Bugzilla, TFS);
● At least two full years working in Visual Basic 6 as a primary programming language;
● Fluency with COM and DCOM/COM+ technologies;
● At least one year of experience working with projects leveraging COM/COM+ in conjunction with .NET;
● At least 5 years of .NET development where C# was used as the programming language at least 30% of the time;
● Working in a development team where consideration for deployability and testability were as important as writing working code;
● At least one year using Agile development methodologies on a daily basis (e.g. Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, etc.);
● Experience with scripting languages such as Powershell for automation of deployment tasks;
● At least one year of full-time experience authoring tests in a unit testing framework (e.g. NUnit, xUnit.NET, MSTest, etc.);
● At least four years on a multidisciplinary team: working daily with SMEs, Analysts, Designers, and other development specialists;
● At least five years performing daily work with version control systems;
● At least one year of front-end web development;
● At least one year of fat client development;
● Fluency with multi-tier architectures and the ability to effectively communicate your understanding
● A demonstrated commitment to upgrade your technical skills over the course of your career The following are desirable skills and experience;
● PowerShell scripting (three months or more);
● Experience working in a Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment environment and familiarity with DevOps practices (at least six months);
● Test case automation (at least six months);
● Deployment automation (at least three months);
● Comfort producing documentation in a collaborative document solution (e.g. Confluence, Mediawiki, etc.) (at least 3 months);
● Fluency with concepts within software telemetry.

Required Job Skills

senior software navigation writing english management jira bugzilla fluency agile scrum kanban scripting framework nunit

Other Information

  • Working time: Mon - Friday (product company)
  • Vietnamese candidate only