SEO Manager


Job description

  • Propose SEO strategy: Understand the deep principles and techniques of SEO and, based on that understanding, propose an optimization strategy for the company's websites in search engines.
  • Research keywords that customers use to search for the products or services the company provides, optimize website content to increase search engine friendliness.
  • Manage and optimize product information, product descriptions, blog posts, videos, images, and other content.
  • Manage backlinks, enhance the website's credibility through links (backlinks) from reputable websites. Evaluate linked websites and create strategies to increase the number of links.
  • Optimize user experience on websites, including optimizing page load speed and designing user-friendly websites.
  • Measure and analyze SEO-related metrics such as traffic, credibility, website ranking, and other indicators. Analyze data to provide detailed analysis and propose improvements in the SEO strategy.
  • Monitor new trends to ensure the company's search engine optimization strategy consistently achieves the best results.
  • Train and manage staff. Oversee the activities of SEO specialists, content writers to ensure optimization goals are met.

Job Requirement

  • Good SEO mindset, user-focused, always updated on new SEO trends.
  • Proficient in using SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, keywordtool,…
  • Understanding of Google Analytics, Search Console,…
  • Analytical and data evaluation skills. Ability to plan and manage time effectively.
  • Understanding of search engine optimization methods and tools, leadership skills, and effective communication.
  • Experience of 3 years or more, having worked in a Senior/Manager SEO position in the most recent company. Regularly involved in short or long-term business trips domestically and internationally.

Required Job Skills

SEO Marketing

Other Information

  • Work location: on-site Bangkok
  • Bonuses: 13th-month salary, holiday bonuses, bonuses based on exceeding monthly/quarterly/yearly recruitment targets.
  • Daily meal allowance of $15 + 100% support for VISA/WorkPermit expenses + 100% support for high-end apartment rental costs.
  • Full insurance coverage as per regulations.
  • Can take continuous leave for 7 days/month or follow a self-scheduled leave plan.
  • Frequent short/long-term business trips domestically and internationally.
  • The company fully invests in relevant professional development courses. This investment will not be reclaimed in case of employee resignation.