Sr. Digital Marketing Executive (On-site Thailand)


Job description

  • Develop a marketing strategy across digital media channels.
  • Monitor the effectiveness and costs of advertising campaigns on digital platforms such as Google Adwords and Facebook.
  • Plan and control brand image across digital media channels.
  • Oversee the effectiveness of SEO on the company's website system.
  • Continuously update user insights and stay informed about changes in digital media to adjust and optimize marketing strategies.
  • Manage a team of Digital specialists.
  • Report to the Marketing Director on the effectiveness of marketing across digital channels.
  • Maintain partner relationships with digital marketing agencies.

Job Requirement

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience (for the Senior position) & at least 10 years of experience (for the Leader position) in managing the Digital Marketing department or similar roles.
  • Experience in using digital tools and channels.
  • Strategic thinking and analytical skills.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Creativity and flexibility.
  • Organizational and time management skills.

Required Job Skills

Digital Marketing

Other Information

  • Work location: on-site Bangkok
  • Bonuses: 13th-month salary, holiday bonuses, bonuses based on exceeding monthly/quarterly/yearly recruitment targets.
  • Daily meal allowance of $15 + 100% support for VISA/WorkPermit expenses + 100% support for high-end apartment rental costs.
  • Full insurance coverage as per regulations.
  • Can take continuous leave for 7 days/month or follow a self-scheduled leave plan.
  • Frequent short/long-term business trips domestically and internationally.
  • The company fully invests in relevant professional development courses. This investment will not be reclaimed in case of employee resignation.