Training Manager

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Job description

  • Organize, manage, and operate the activities of the training department;
  • Define and analyze training demand of the Company and respective departments to develop training plans annually; 
  • Manage the implementation of training programs to ensure their effectiveness; 
  • Summarize information about training programs for quarter and annual reports on training activities of the Company;
  • Lead work related to training programs, content design of courses and coordinate internal teaching; 
  • Train directly when required; 
  • Research and propose measures to enhance quality, methods of training, and teaching aids;
  • Develop processes and regulations related to training programs;
  • Coordinate with departments to develop programs, materials and curriculum for training;
  • Formulate and propose budgets for training activities; 
  • Develop targets, programs and implement post-training assessments;
  • Evaluate and select providers of external training programs;
  • Build and manage training data and information systems; 
  • Full authority to assign and direct all employees of the Training Department; 
  • Participate in recruitment (professional examination), transfer, consideration of increasing salary, discipline of training room staff;
  • Report on the training situation of the company to Human Resources Manager and BOD weekly, monthly, yearly and unexpectedly. 

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor of Economics, Human Resources Management, Business Administration or the relevant majors; 
  • Experience in the Real Estate industry is preferred;
  • Proficient in office computers and application software;
  • English equivalent to B or higher;
  • At least 3 years’ experience in training work and 2 years in equivalent position; 
  • Skills of: 

                    + Managing;

                    + Planning; 

                    + Organizing, arranging and monitoring;

                    + Analyzing, summarizing and reportting;

                    + Good communication;

                    + Co-ordinating in work; 

                    + Drawing the contract; 

                    + Leadership and Management; 

  • Have a sense of responsibility and the ability to withstand high pressure at work; 
  • Ability to work independently and in groups.

Required Job Skills

Trainer Real Estate Training Manager Communicator