Technical Support manager

Findtalent JSC

Job description

  • Provides support and advices to our customers.
  • Planning of those services must be coordinated with Area Sales Managers, Sales, Technical by weekly, monthly
  • Reporting of the services provided and of the farming results to Area Sale Manager, Technical Service Manager South East Asia, Sale Director.
  • Develops strong and professional relationship with Key Customers and Distributors.
  • Expected results: Customers satisfaction and sales improvement per area/special customers will be monitored.
  • Follows up the quality of the services provided by the sales staff and contributes to assess those in coordination with the Area Sales Managers.
  • Expected results: Support in the definition and implementation of a more effective technical services and Sales staff performances will be expected to improve.
  • Provides up to date and adapted oral communications to customers during seminars organized by the Company.
  • Expected results: we organize regular trials in Your area supporting the improvement of company feed ranges.

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor degree of Aqua Culture or Agriculture.
  • Minimum 5 years of shrimp farming techniques expertise.
  • A previous similar experience in shrimp farming
  • Have a good Time and Planning Management.
  • Shrimp feed Market Knowledge, Shrimp local and world market information.
  • Demonstrates a strong knowledge and understanding of shrimp techniques and practices.
  • Can communicate effectively on product.
  • Technical skills (farms management/auditing and reporting).
  • Product skills (Features I benefits usage etc. ...).
  • Presentation and minimum Microsoft office skills
  • Good public speaking skills
  • Both English and Vietnamese communication

Required Job Skills

technical planning area sales organized benefits presentation english vietnamese