How Are Today’s Companies Building Their Employer Brands?

The majority of today’s companies are actively cultivating their employer brand, but just 32% have an intentionally cultivated brand that is well-known

More than two-thirds of respondents say that their organization is intentionally building their employer brand, while an additional 27% are developing or considering developing an employer brand in the near future.

However, while the interest in employer branding is clear, the results are mixed thus far—37% say they are working on their employer brand but that it is not well-known in their industry.

Only about half feel their employer’s brand is either good or excellent at attracting quality job applicants

One of the most important functions of an employer brand is to attract top talent. With nearly three out of four companies reporting difficulty attracting employees,4 employer branding is more important than ever in this area. However, only 49% of our respondents feel that their employer brand is good or excellent at attracting quality job candidates. Moreover, 22% say their organization is dismal or below average at attracting such candidates. Organizational brands are only a little better at retaining workers, with 53% saying that their employer brand is good or excellent at retaining existing employees.

Employer brands are better at reflecting the company’s reputation and values. Sixty percent feel that their brand is good or excellent at enhancing their company’s reputation, and nearly as many say it is good or excellent at reflecting their values and mission effectively (59%).

Their brands are not nearly as good, however, at helping with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Only 46% say their organization is good or excellent at increasing DEI. Moreover, 26% say that their brand is failing to increase DEI in their organization.

Source: HR
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