Measuring Recruitment Advertising

The most widely used metric for gauging recruitment advertising impact is applicants per opening

Nearly a quarter (23%) of respondents do not use metrics to track the effectiveness of their recruitment advertising. The most common metric used among those who do is the number of applicants received per opening (45%). The next most common metric is advertising costs per hire (37%).

Candidate experience is less commonly measured. Just 29% look at candidate experience, and less than one in five (18%) measure candidate job satisfaction once they've been hired.

The leading metric for social recruiting is click-through rates

We also asked respondents about their metrics for social recruiting. Social recruiting typically refers to the process of recruiting candidates through social media platforms and other online resources.

Many respondents (38%) say they do not use any social media metrics at all. Of those who are tracking social media metrics, the most common metrics used are:

  • click through rates
  • reach
  • number of visits
  • likes

Social media "reach" generally refers to the estimated number of social media users that potentially encounter a social media post.


Source: HR
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