Who Is Responsible for Recruitment Advertising?

HR typically has the greatest responsibility for recruitment advertising, closely followed by talent acquisition

Responsibility for recruitment advertising is most likely to come under the remit of HR in general and/or talent acquisition (TA) in particular. TA is, of course, typically an HR specialty or sub-function. Nearly half of our respondents say that HR is responsible for the day-to-day management of their recruitment advertising, and HR is also the most likely department to be responsible for job advertising design and strategy. The TA department holds responsibility for the day-to-day management in two-fifths of organizations.

As with brand management, HR often shares responsibility with other functions but not nearly to the same degree as it does in the area of employer branding management. Generally speaking, HR and TA are much more likely to have responsibility for job advertising than for the employer brand, indicating a greater consensus on this topic across corporations.



Source: HR
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