Laboratory Manager (Food Industry)


Job description

  • Responsible for the in-house laboratory activities including chemistry, microbiological and instrument laboratory; analytical activity quality assurance and laboratory system implementations e. ISO 17025.
  • Ensure that all laboratory activities comply with Health Safety Environmental policies and company regulations;
  • Develop, implement, assess, and maintain GLP, SOP, laboratory quality assurance, and the system in company laboratories;
  • Participate in the PT programs per requirements;
  • Ensure the compliance of GLP and SOP in laboratory operations;
  • Set up/implement/ maintain and enhance the in-house laboratories for physical, chemical, pesticide residues, mycotoxin, and microbiological analysis. Provide the direction of enhancing in-house laboratories to fulfill new analytical requirements of the business;
  • Manage the chemical, and media stock for the laboratories (stock available, consumable stock, etc);
  • Manage the laboratory equipment (internal calibration/ verification, lab equipment repair/maintenance services, etc);
  • Monitor/ train laboratory technicians;
  • Implementation of Environmental Monitoring Program on the laboratory side.

Job Requirement

  • University graduation (or higher) is needed – Chemistry analytical is preferred;
  • Excellence in English (4 skills) is required;
  • At least 07 years (or more) experience in accredited laboratory activities management. Experiences in food laboratory analytical are preferred.

Required Job Skills

English Management Leadership Laboratory