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Why Environmental Engineering Is Vital for Our Future The future is likely to see more technological development, population growth and a greater need for enough food for our growing population, housing and facilities to cater to our growing needs, new farming methods and so on.
5 Clear Ways to Remove Mental Clutter Removing mental clutter is essential if we wish to be truly satisfied. Setting boundaries does not remove freedom; as a matter of fact, it does the opposite.
A Realistic Guide to Bouncing Back From an Exhausting Week Motivating yourself to get things done at work when you were wildly unproductive the day before can be a challenge. But, do you know what I find even tougher? Finding the inspiration to put my nose to the grindstone after I was far too productive.
How Much You’ll Need To Invest Each Month To Retire With $2 Million At Age 20, 30, 40 And Beyond And for most of us, it is: A typical American household only has about $9,000 in savings. But what if you could retire with $2 million by the time you were 67? Well, the good news is that it’s possible with persistent monthly saving, and you can get there no matter your age.
Will A Robot Really Take Your Job? “Lots of people actually think I believe that half of all jobs are going to be automated in a decade or two,” he says, leaving half the population unemployed.
5 Myths About a Career in HR When pursuing jobs in the field of business, often people are steered away from careers in human resources by well-meaning advisers who unfortunately hold many misconceptions about the field. What was once thought to be the fire-and-hire-only-crew is actually a group of professionals at the pulse of the organization. Here we will debunk five myths that have scared professionals away from what can be a satisfying and lucrative career.
10 Fun Facts About Engineers Engineers beware! You thought you knew everything about yourself, your colleagues and your job? You surely have not heard the following 10 facts – which will make your engineer’s heart skip a beat. Read more here
5 Hiring Myths You Want To Know About Sometimes it can feel as if the hiring process is this vague, ambiguous, mystery of a process. Because of that, the rumor mill has been spinning hard producing hiring myths. I want to talk to you about 5 hiring myths that most people believe, but fortunately, are not true!
Tips for Staying Positive While Job Searching It is easy to become frustrated or disheartened during a job search, particularly if you’ve been unemployed or job hunting for an extended period. Your positive attitude will come across during interviews and networking opportunities, increasing your chances of making a strong first impression.
7 Ideas to Help Promote Change by Leveraging the Culture within Your Business For individuals striving to promote change within an organization, the pace of cultural evolution often seems too slow. Smart professionals understand that instead of hurrying or fighting culture when promoting change, it is essential to work within the boundaries of the culture and draw upon the strengths to achieve their objectives.
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