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How Chronic Work Stress Damages Your Brain And 10 Things You Can Do The American Psychological Association’s Work and Well-Being study found that 79% of the 1,501 employees surveyed experienced work-related stress in the month before the survey.
To Stay Calm Under Pressure, Welcome Every New Test What’s happened here is that you invested all your time and effort in practicing under ideal circumstances. You meditated when you had free time. You exercised when it was convenient. But you didn’t create a mindset that would guide you through a major upheaval.
3 Easy Ways To Organize Your Mind When You Feel Overwhelmed The start of a new year can be overwhelming. You may often hear at work, “We’ll take that on in the New Year.” As those projects pile up, you may feel like you are drowning in goals and tasks and wondering how you are going to succeed in what you want to accomplish. You may feel like there is so much you want to do that you don’t know how to start completing your goals.
3 Tips On How You Can Heal From Job Burnout Naturally Workers—overwhelmed by work, lack of sleep, societal and economic issues, loss and the uncertainty of what lies ahead—are reporting and experiencing burnout at epidemic proportions.
Any Of These 3 Monday Morning Micro-Challenges Will Make You Highly Productive All Week Want to have a highly productive week and accomplish all or most of what you set out to do? Then start Monday morning with any of three quick micro-challenges that will set you up to reach your goals. Or, if you want, you can do them all--which will take ten minutes or less.
7 Tips For Managing Your Finances During Covid 19 We recognize that students are in a wide range of situations and that their circumstances may limit what they are able and willing to do right now. Nearly everyone is managing hardship in some capacity. Individuals are losing jobs and wages that they had been counting on, with no guaranteed return to a stable state. It can be very hard to plan anything right now with so much uncertainty in the world. We hope to provide some tips for what you can do to help yourself financially during these uncertain times. Not all of these tips will apply to you, and that’s okay. We want to highlight a variety of options so that you can approach your personal finances in the best way for you.
Top 5 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch During Tet Holiday If you are an entrepreneur or your aim is to build a startup one day and you are a great fan of TV shows; you must be wondering that is there any shows out there which can help you to know what entrepreneurs have to go through which can indirectly help you in your startup journey. Here are the “Best 5 TV Shows For Entrepreneurs To Watch.
3 Trends That Will Define Remote Work in 2021 In the absence of a specific date for the return to the offices, everything indicates that remote work will continue to change, but what will 2021 bring us in terms of this modality? Will we still like to work in our pajamas or from the garden? According to Kamimura, these are some trends that will mark the home office during 2021.
Emotionally Intelligent People Think Differently About These 11 Things Emotional Intelligent is a superpower.  Emotional intelligence, the ability to identify, understand, and manage emotions, allows you to see the world from a different perspective. It'll get you through the worst of times. Help you enjoy the best of times. Along the way, number of things that emotionally intelligent people see differently. Here are 11 things we need to follow to refresh our mindset and optimize our lives.
3 Ways To Stop Procrastinating If you're a chronic procrastinator, you’re familiar with the pain and stress that goes hand in hand with leaving things to the last minute. Even if you want to accomplish or finish a task, you’re likely having trouble getting started in the first place! There are several strategies that can help you stop procrastinating right now (so read fast!), as well as lifestyle changes you can make to avoid future procrastination.
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