Assistant HR Manager


Job description


  • Develop, update, follow up. Review recruitment strategy;
  • Ensure the recruitment plan and activation, meet the timeline and target;
  • Ensure  the quality of recruitment meet the development requirement;
  • Develop and update all procedure related to recruitment;
  • Develop and update all job descriptions in the organization.

Compensation and Benefit

  • Conduct yearly employee satisfaction to understand the employee needed and give suggestion to BOM to improve the system and ensure all the compensation and benefit been solve and giving properly solution;
  • Develop company compensation and benefit system;
  • Develop, update, review, and follow up company policy, procedure and regulation;
  • Give suggestions to BOM and develop salary scale to meet salary market.

Talent Management

  • Assist GD/BOM to evaluate management level(line manager) based on Group’s Core Talent Selection Guidelines annually;
  • Select and Develop core talents to meet with organization development as well as to improve core talent’s competency;
  • Co-operation with HRD of the company to design and conduct core talent development program.


  • Develop training strategy to meet with organization development and job qualification;
  • Direct the training officer to organize training course and implement training strategy and planning to meet the requirement;
  • Ensure training plan and activation meet timeline and target;
  • Conduct internal training to improve management and business productivity when requested.


  • Conduct yearly performance evaluation, promotion evaluation, probation evaluation to ensure right position;
  • Conduct the development of department plan to meet the development of the organization;
  • Conduct Key Talent Development program based on guidance of the Group;
  • Drafting Human Resource & Administration process and procedures;
  • Drafting and update employee handbook policy, internal regulation;
  • Assist BOM to develop company organization;
  • Making Human Resource monthly/quarterly/yearly report to BOM included all human resource statistic number and labor productivity;
  • Solving individual and personnel problem;
  • Human Right.

Job Requirement

  • Male/Female, age from 36 years old
  • Bachelor's Degree; 
  • Have working experience at factory in multinational companies;
  • Fluent English;
  • Strong in leadership and dealing skills;
  • Strong management skills.

Required Job Skills

assistant hr procedure employee bom talent management training planning key english leadership

Other Information

  • Shuttle bus from HCM to factory in Dong Nai
  • Vietnamese candidate only