HR Manager (Dong Nai)


Job description

  • Provide management with a good perspective of how anticipated changes in the business will impact manpower requirements and allow time to locate the right talent to fill existing and forecasted gaps.
  • Recruitment and selection, soliciting applicants and assessing their suitability to fill recently vacated or newly created positions using a variety of methods to make sure we recruit the right person - recruit on time.
  • Guideline for competitive and fair compensation and benefits for a performance-driven culture.
  • Guideline to appraise and continuously monitor the performance of employees based on agreed performance objectives.
  • Process the planning for conducting activities that develop employee capabilities, abilities, knowledge, and know-how to meet business, company, and individual needs. 
  • Process of developing, maintaining, and improving employer-employee relationships.
  • Respect for Human Rights, Community and Stakeholder Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining, Safe and Healthy Workplace, Workplace Security, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking, Child Labor, Work Hours, Wages and Benefits, Land Rights and Water Resources, Healthy Lifestyles, Guidance and Reporting for Employees, Responsibilities for holding periodical discussions at working places).

Job Requirement

  • Bachelor degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, Law, or related fields.
  • At least 07-10 years experience in international HR management, the relevant position of HR management.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in both Vietnamese and English.
  • Ability to organize work independently as well as a team player, ability to observe and handle problems quickly and effectively.
  • Superior interpersonal and coaching skills including patience and ability to work well with staff at all levels.
  • Hands-on experience in administering a major HR software system: ERP, SAP, etc.

Required Job Skills

hr impact talent benefits planning security management communication vietnamese coaching software

Other Information

  • Have shuttle bus from HCM to the factory.
  • Competitive Income plus 13th fixed salary plus KPIs Performance Bonus (1-3 months).