Marketing Manager

Findtalent JSC

Job description

  • According to the company's strategic product spectrum planning, combined with changes in market trends and user needs, formulate innovative and implementable product concepts; 

  • Carry out creative product definition and conception activities according to product positioning, and carry out product life cycle strengthening activities and schedule planning in combination with changes in the future market and competitive environment; 

  • Excavate product highlights, transform product engineering language into marketing language/user language, user terminal dissemination, promotion, and marketing activities;

  • Activity cost management: market activity plan, timeliness of execution form submission, submission and accuracy of write-off materials, cost-effectiveness ratio of market activity; 

Job Requirement

  • 3 years or more engaged in product planning, vehicle development, and planning-related work;
  • Master the vehicle market environment and competition analysis, research activity planning, product highlight mining, and user demand transformation, etc.;
  • Strong communication and coordination skills, a strong sense of teamwork;
  • Bachelor's degree or above, excellent conditions can be relaxed, fluent in English or Chinese.

Required Job Skills

communications networking automotive English Chinese